Dental Technology

At our practice, we implement innovative technology in order to deliver dentistry with the highest level of comfort and accuracy. You can count on us at Stutsman Dentistry to provide the best technological advances and services available to our deserving patients.


Our state-of-the-art x-rays can reduce your radiation exposure and get a better view of your oral structures. Our panoramic machine uses specialized intensifying screens to reduce the radiation exposure to the equivalent of 3 standard intraoral x-rays, while giving us a survey view of your jaw and teeth. This x-ray technology ensures that we accurately discriminate healthy structures from signs of complications.

Intraoral Camera

We want our patients to be involved in determining what treatment is best for their needs. We use an intraoral camera to give you the opportunity to see potential problems occurring in your mouth, such as decay, failing fillings, cracks, or cosmetic concerns.

Usually, you might not experience the symptoms of a dental health problem until the problem has become significant. With the help of the intraoral camera, problems can be detected earlier, and discussed and treated before you experience toothache or tooth loss.

Digital Dentistry

When we use x-rays and intraoral cameras, we use a modern method of view, display, and diagnosis. Digital dentistry allows us to reduce the exposure of a standard film x-ray up to 80%.

The images are the size of a computer monitor as opposed to a little 1.5 x 1 inch film and are more easily evaluated by your dentist. You will also be able to see the images and easily understand them when your doctor shows them to you.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is pivotal to a healthy life. Adult patients should receive oral cancer screenings once yearly to maximize their chance for success against this illness that is often fatal.

At Stutsman Dentistry, we utilize a panoramic x-ray to see a complete and detailed picture of your oral structures. If there are any indicators of oral cancer, we will be able to see them and begin treatment immediately.

Choose Stellar Technology for Your Dental Care!

Don’t settle for the aging technology at other offices. You can benefit from the safety and precision of our technology today. Contact us at Stutsman Dentistry to schedule your appointment!